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Make your professional skills visible – and win a thousand euros!

My Handprint is a video competition for vocational students.

Skilled professionals can promote solutions to climate change, the wise use of natural resources, circular economy and social responsibility in their work.

How will you promote sustainable development in your future job? Show it to us and to the world!

The competition runs until October 4. 2020. Three best videos and an audience favorite will be rewarded.

The winners will be awarded with cash prizes. The winner will receive 1000 euros! Second and third prizes are 700 and 500 euros respectively. The winner of the public vote gets 300 euros.

Detailed competition rules can be found below. 

Make your voice heard and your handprint seen

Make a short video where you tell or show what practical actions you can take in your work as a professional to make the world a better place in the future. Show us how you are going to use your expertise to help people or the environment.

Examples of how to promote responsible expertise: see the example videos.

Rules for the My Handprint video competition

Organizer of the competition

The competition is organized by the SYKLI Environmental School of Finland together with SAKKI Ry, Amke Ry and Skills Finland.

Target audience of the competition

The competition is open to all vocational school students from all fields.

All participants must be registered in a vocational school at the time of creation of the video.

Competition time

The competition is open from November 15. 2019 to October 4. 2020. You can submit your entries from November 15, 2019 at 12:00 noon until October 4. 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

Competition theme

The theme of the competition is sustainable and responsible expertise.

Here are some example questions you can think about in your video:

  • How does a climate-conscious professional work?
  • How will you promote sustainable development in your current or future job?
  • What kind of eco-friendly practices will you utilize in your current or future job?
  • How can you make working life more sustainable?

Competition entries

The minimum duration of the video is 30 seconds, and the maximum duration is 3 minutes.

You can use video footage, animation or photos in your video.

The video can be in Finnish, Swedish or English. Videos in other languages must include subtitles in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Please send your entries in .mov, .mpeg4, .mp4 or .avi format. We recommend you to shoot the video horizontally, as the videos will be uploaded on YouTube.

The videos may not contain any product placement or corporate advertising. Company logos, for example, may appear briefly in the video, but they may not play a significant role. When talking about products, you can discuss the properties of the product on a general level (e.g. “eco-friendly products”) instead of mentioning a particular product made by a particular company.

Participating in the competition

Participation is free of charge.

You can participate in the competition by filling out the registration form and sending it according to the instructions in the video.

You can take part in the competition alone or as a group. We encourage you to take part in the competition as a group, as cooperation is the foundation for a sustainable future. When working as a group, the possible prize money will be divided among the members of the group. Maximum group size is 5 students.

Participants under 18 years of age must appoint an adult at least 18 years of age to act as a contact person for them or their group (e.g. a teacher).

You can take part in the competition with more than just one entry.

Copyrights and other rights

The contents of the videos must comply with the Finnish law and be in good taste. Offensive, racist, derogatory, or otherwise inappropriate videos will not be accepted.

The individual or group participating in the competition is responsible for ensuring that they hold the rights to all the material used in the video (video, images, music, graphics, etc.).

You can find copyright-free music e.g. at www.incompetech.com, on YouTube, or in the libraries of various video editing software. Please keep in mind that you cannot even e.g. hum along to a copyrighted song on the video.

Make sure to ask everyone seen in the video for their permission. They must also be made aware that the video will be distributed publicly. Getting a written permission from everyone would be best, but oral permission is also sufficient.

Rights of the video creator and the competition organizer to use the videos

The creator(s) of the video always own the copyright to their work. However, the creator(s) must grant the organizers the right to use the video.

By taking part in the competition, you grant the competition organizer and their cooperation partners the right to publish and use your video(s) in any media of their choice.

All entries will be published on the Ammattilaisen kädenjälki website and on the Ammattilaisen kädenjälki Youtube channel.

You or your team also has the right to publish your video on your own channels if you so wish.

Selecting the winners

A preliminary jury consisting of representatives of the competition’s organizing bodies will select which videos will make it to the next round. The finalists will be announced in April.

The winner of the competition will be chosen by a jury consisting of various social actors.

When selecting the winner, particular attention will be paid to the following:

  • Idea portrayed in the video related to sustainable development or climate responsibility: Its feasibility, impact and inventiveness.
  • Presentation of said idea: How inspiring and original it is, what its narrative is like.
  • Composition of the group: We encourage you to take part in the competition together with students from your own field or from another field. The best ideas and actions are created together!
  • Cooperation with working life: Involve people from working life, future customers and social actors. Please note, however, that the actual participants of the competition must all be students.


Three best videos will be rewarded. The prize money will be distributed among the members of the group.

  1. The creator(s) of the winning video will be rewarded with a prize of 1000 euros.
  2. The creator(s) of the second-place video will be rewarded with a prize of 700 euros.
  3. The creator(s) of the third-place video will be rewarded with a prize of 500 euros.
  4. The winner of the public vote will also be rewarded with a prize of 300 euros.

Please note that the prize money is taxable income and it must be reported to the Incomes Register. The prize money may affect your tax rate or any student financial aid or housing allowance you may receive from Kela.

We will personally contact all winners. The winners will also be declared on the organizing bodies’ websites and social media channels.